Finally, after a long period due to extraordinary work commitments, it is a real plasure for us to get back talking about the wonderful natural paradise of Campotosto!

We continue our tour around the lake, which in this period offers a spectacular view, with intense colors that fill the eyes. We would like to talk to you about a bar/restaurant/hotel which is loved by anyone who visited Campotosto at least once, an icon for hikers and above all for bike enthusiasts!

If you happen to drive on the road that leads to Mascioni and you look up, you will see hundreds of bikes parked on the square and many bikers while they are enjoying ice-cold beers and delicious sandwiches you are in the “world” of Serena, This is a small and comfortable place where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake and the fascinating surrounding area.



“Serena” was created by Pierina and Carmine in the 70s, with the precious help of “grandma Marietta”, Pierina’s mother!

At the beginning it was built as a small coffee shop in the village, where the locals loved to spend their free time, the olders played cards, the children enjoyed delicious ice creams and the tourists cooled off after the excursions on the paths of the Laga Mountains.
The couple, together with Marietta, worked with dedication and passion and had the foresight to think beyond the simple bar.

Carmine infact had a precious intuition: he arranged some tables in the room, for about 20 people and organized a small kitchen, using only the typical local products. Expert hands prepared excellent tonnarelli all’amatriciana, tasty grilled lamb, the lake’s whitefish, accompanying them to typical salamis, such as the
Campotosto’s Mortadella, tasty cheeses and homemade desserts ...



Shortly thereafter, given the success, he organized a larger room and began to make banquets for weddings.



The little creature of Pierina and Carmine grew, as their two daughters, Giuseppina and Serena, who, from an early age, joined their parents in this adventure, learning from them the secrets of cooking, hospitality and “Looking at becoming”, until the time to take Serena’s reins came.

For 20 years in addition to the coffee shop / restaurant, Serena also has had comfortable rooms where tourists are welcomed and treated warmly with an accurate, personalized service, while they enjoy the nature and the charm of breathtaking sunsets.



Now, the two fantastic sisters continue the legacy of their parents in an excellent way.

Despite serious problems caused by the earthquake that put a strain the whole territory and Campotosto’s activities, they continued to work. They resisted the motionlessness

of the institutions, even in the period when the road had been forbidden to bikers.
It is always a pleasure to stop for a lunch at Serena’s!

The table service is very fast as well as efficient, the generous portions and excellent dishes are served by the young daughters of Serena and Giuseppina, Maria Vincenza and Stefania, in a welcoming and professional way.


To the left: Maria Vincenza Masci, Giuseppina Masci, Alberto Fasciani.


Serena is the right place for those who love traveling, for those who are just passing through or for those who want to stop for a few nights. They will be able to admire the wonderful colors that Campotosto Lake offers all year round and the cool and silent starry nights, which frame the journeys of nature lovers.