The Alberto Fasciani firm is appreciated and well-known all around the world.Alberto Fasciani, thanks to his passion for the hand-crafted manufacturings, his sensibility and creativity, managed to create footwears which are expression of “Made in Italy” around the world.A cosmopolitan brand which was born among the hills of the Marche Region, but which keep on living in the most famous and fascinating cities of the world. That’s why we have chosen several big cities in order to tell you their lifestyles, their attractions and the events they host matching them with the Fasciani products which suit for every occasion. Let’s walk in is the name we have selected for the section of our blog; for a travel through the metropolis of the world. It is an itinerant “style guide”, a way of continuing to interpret and to wear the unique Alberto Fasciani style. These are the cities we have selected for our “travel around the world” : Copenhagen, New York, Sydney, Berlin, London, Dubai, Stockholm, Miami, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, Paris. If you have some pictures taken in these cities, please send them to boutique@albertofasciani.it. If you will be in those cities that we will be talking about, we invite you to take a photo of your Alberto Fasciani shoes and we invite you to send them to boutique@albertofasciani. We will be glad to collect your snapshots posting them on our blog and on the social media of Alberto Fasciani.