Our world trip starts from the Danish capital, looking for the most suggestive corners, the most peculiar attractions with an eye on style and luxury. Alberto Fasciani represents the luxury icon of this wonderful city. From the beginning the Danish people loved the originality of this brand, which has become a synonym of quality and research thanks to the unique handcrafted manufacturings that Alberto Fasciani products undergo.

There is a close relationship between Fasciani and Denmark, Copenhagen most of all, which is called from the italian stylist a “special relationship”. Maybe this is due to the fact both Alberto Fasciani and this city have in common the passion for research, the meticulous study for the lines which give to the city and to the Fasciani products refined, innovative features.

Copenhagen is the ideal capital to be visited walking. Besides its clean lines and its determined but never excessive nature, the Fasciani footwear provides an outstanding comfort and most of all it’s fashionable in each season and the Danish people know that!

After purchasing the first pair of shoes, Alberto Fasciani’s customers remain loyal to the brand for a very long time.

In the heart of Copenhagen, the picturesque canal called Nyhavn has to be seen. This is a water passage, which was created in the past in order to make access for the merchants to the city easier. By this passage many locals and sailors, writers houses lie.

Alberto Fasciani is really appreciated by artists and writers. Jo Nesbo, a Norwegian writer, mentioned the italian stylist in one of his book “Phantom” where he describes Alberto Fasciani shoes as “luxury shoes” and where his appreciation for the italian brand, which manufactures entirely in Italy, is clear.

Copenhagen, a magic city, has become a lifestyle icon worldwide thanks to its sailing boats and its crowded clubs.

A selfie with the famous Little Mermaid of the Andersen’s fairy tale, who waited for 300 years to become human and marry the prince is a must.

Indeed the Danish people (and not only) don’t have to wait that long to admire and buy the Alberto Fasciani products!

In Copenhagen there are many boutiques which host the wonderful, precious boots, ankle boots and shoes which are manufactured using top quality leather such as python, crocodile that many youngsters, Madams and Sirs love.

Who is taking a stroll in Kronprinsensgade should have a look at the wonderful Bruno and Joel shop window, which is a diamond in the heart of Copenhagen. This boutique literally “married” the Fasciani style and this is why the Alberto Fasciani’s creations are showed with pride from the very kind Mr Bruno and Ms Lone who are not just selling these products but they also explains their history and the special maunufacturings they undergo.

Walking by Ostergade, the glaze goes to the historical Birger Christensen boutique. Here you can find a wide range of boots made in calf and horse leather and ankle boots in a garment dyed soft buffalo leather. Alberto Fasciani has been the first one to use the garment dyed manufacturing, a special procedure which gives to the footwear a unique, vintage effect.

If you keep on walking through Oesterbrogade your attention will be caught from the Oz shop window which shows many Alberto Fasciani boots, shoes, all of them characterized by their vintage, fashionable, elegant style.

The Alberto Fasciani’s products can be found also outside the Danish capital.

If you move to Aarhus, in Vestergade, it’s impossible not to recognize the outstanding Utzon boutique, with its women’s ankle boots made in precious garment dyed python leather.

If you walk to Skt. Puls Kirkeplads you can find the Alro & Hogh boutique and in Hellerup there is the elegant show window of Trois Pommes, a historical Fasciani’s customer.

In Holte you can admire the cosy Abelone boutique; in Horsholm the Milium’s one, in Vejle the Broednum boutique, in Alborg there is Keiser sko and in Oedense there is Happel. They all provide you with a wide range of boots and ankle boots made in calf, buffalo, garment dyed horse and python leather.

Last but not least if you are an equestrian lover, Rytterstuen is a shop where you can find all the equipment for knights and horses. It is located in the heart of Charlottenlund, in Gentofte, nearby Copenhagen. Here you can find the wonderful standard riding boots of Alberto Fasciani, which has always been the European leader in the equestrian field.

Alberto Fasciani: timeless fashion, riding accessories.