The man that Alberto Fasciani mirrors in his style and in his life is very passionate.He loves the landscapes, the nature, the elements. He feels connected to them.And in the connection between the man and the planet lies in the steps that we are going to make, the pace with whom we will walk and the elements we need to thrive in our need to be free.

Its the most close relationship between a human being and another living creature. Its a relationship that’s been working for thousand of years in history. A relationship based on trust, mutual trust. While you put the sole of your boot on the stirrup, you know the moment you climb that horse; your victory; the flawless; your life depend on the relationship you have.
You seat firmly on the saddle and from that breath on, you know you are safe and that you can do what you love to do.Alberto Fasciani riding boots are fantastic for not only male but also female passionate about horse riding. He’s been designing and hand making boots from 1950. All his line of boots and equitation accessories are entirely hand made in Italy and each pair of technical boots
can have its own wood mold for keeping its shape and an exclusive serial number. It is Fasciani’s trademark.

You feel the wind on your face. Its light and it makes you breath deeply. You know it can be your best friend or your most feared enemy. You close your eyes. Your feel the strenght of your club, and measure it with your feelings. You swing and you hit that ball exactly the way it was suggested by the movie inside your head. You see it spin, It crossed the air in the right speed and the right angle, and when it enters the hole, you know that nothing is in vain.Fasciani have incredible models of golf shoes. Contact the sales team for more information on how to have them specially made for you. What a luxury!

You just finished your last meeting. You know that from now on you can enjoy the part of the day thinking since you woke up. While driving to the shore it starts appearing in the horizon. The Water. You can enjoy your boat with your friends, eat on your favorite place or just walk around the town. You are free to do what you want. There is no winner or looser, its not a game. Its the time you allow yourself to think without interruptions and your imagination can flow.The sport sneaker have no restriction as your hobby shouldn’t have. You can wear it in a relaxing boating day or afternoon walking in the beach. Its made for both man and woman with 3 types of leather and all the craftsmanship of Fasciani. You will not regret this peace of comfort that will make you look great even when you don’t even want to care about the way you look. Its your free time.

The ignition start. It triggers the sparkle of fire that will generate the blow up inside the motor.The motor starts racing to and so does your heart.You love the speed and the competition. The overcoming of every limit, the strict relationship between concentration and coordination. The wheels spin but your mind is completely focused. Its you in control and your motorbike will make you a winner.Fasciani Corsa is a special line with everything one needs for this passionate sport. It goes from the shoes and clothes to the motorbike itself. Alberto Fasciani puts all his passions in his lines and it is reflected on the quality of his products.Your passion makes the man you are.
Alberto Fasciani, matter of passion