Paris is always a good idea.

Watching the view from a window of Place Vendome in Paris is a great experience, a mix of history of style and luxury.



Coco Chanel used to live in this square. This is the reason why the shape of her notorious fragrance recalls Place Vendome.


Alberto Fasciani decided to have his showroom in this square, street number 16. He focused on getting attention to the brand during the Paris Fashion Week. This is the typical french flat, with bright rooms, fireplaces and wood floor where the new Alberto Fasciani 2014/2015 Autumn Winter Collection was launched.



This collection is linked to the great style which characterized this italian brand. Design, materials and handmade manufacturings make the new line for the next winter elegant and flawless. A collection that was created from the refined taste of Alberto Fasciani along with the work of his craftsmen and that will be the benchmark of  taste, elegance and luxury of Made in Italy around the world.

MARZO 2014