Handmade shoes have always been synonym of quality and beauty.

There is often an intimate relation between who owns the product and its creator. A tailor-made piece of clothing for instance is meant to satisfy its owner desires, not anyone else.

Research, taste, quality, reliability. These are the main elements that make Made in Italy appealing all over the world.

This is a sort of collective trademark, which reminds the exclusive image of Italian products, its entrepreneurs’ creativity and the Italian lifestyle.

Quality and aesthetics alone are not sufficient anymore: the spirit of each creation springs from the freedom to experiment, which meets people’s needs only thanks to its fluid and creative intelligence.

Alberto Fasciani’s collections get to the production stage only after a minute research, where the attention to the details represents not only a distinctive element but it’s the essence of a product which is never for granted, though keeps on being classic and traditional.

This may seem a paradox but it’s the base of Alberto Fasciani’s innovation and challenge, where past, present and future intertwine and nourish one another virtuously.